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Seven Local Farms You'll Taste at Rokaru

Where would we be without our farmers? Their local, fresh produce and meats truly make our menu so special and tasty!

Here is a look at seven local farmers we proudly work with.

2 Lady Farmers Pork
Photo: 2 Lady Farmers

1. 2 Lady Farmers

We get our local pork belly from 2 Lady Pig Farmers. The farm located in Waianae, is on a mission to provide locally raised pork to Hawaii, help make Hawaii a little more sustainable, and pave the way for the next generation of pig farmers. All their pigs are born on property and raised with quality care until they are ready for the market. 2 Lady pork is considered "All Natural" because no preservatives are added and it is minimally processed.

Visit their website

Kahumana Farms
Photo: Kahumana Farms

2. Kahumana Organic Farms Our Crispy Calamari salad gets its delicious organic greens from this farm located in the beautiful Lualualei Valley on the sunny west side of O'ahu. Their mission is to co-create a healthy, inclusive and productive farm-based community with homeless families, people with disabilities and youth.

Visit their website:

Aloun Farms
Photo: Aloun Farms

3. Aloun Farms

Our won bok, zucchini and seasonal veggies come from Aloun Farms, located in Ewa. The company’s goal is to provide Hawaii consumers with “the highest quality of fresh island grown produce.”

Visit website:

Kunoa Ranch
Photo: Midweek Hawaii

4. Kunoa Ranch Our local rib eye and short rib come from Kunoa Ranch. Kunoa currently ranches 2,000 head on 4,000 acres of Kauai and Oahu pastureland. Translated to English, Kunoa means ‘stand free’— the goal is to usher in a future where our islands can once again stand proud and free, flush with local food and rich as the land around us.

Visit their website:

Makaweli Farms
Photo: Makaweli Farms

5. Makaweli Ranch

Our lamb, venison sausage and eland sausage come from Makaweli Ranch. The ranches are located on Niihau, Kauai and Maui. The animals are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. The eland which is the largest of the antelope family is native to the dry African deserts and thrives on the arid island of Niihau.

Visit their website:

Sumida Farm
Sumida Farm

6. Sumida Farm

If you enjoy watercress in your hot pot, you are enjoying the veggie locally grown at Sumida Farms. Since 1928, the Sumida family have been growing watercress in a magical spot in the heart of Aiea being fed by a natural spring. Their farm is located right besides Pearlridge.

Kauai Shrimp
Photo: Kauai Shrimp Farm

7. Kauai Shrimp Farm We proudly serve Kauai Shrimp and prawns. The Kauai shrimp are raised in pristine, well sourced, salt water and fed a high quality diet with NO chemicals or antibiotics ever used.

Visit their website:

Rokaru is actually translated to "local" in English. It's our goal to serve local ingredients to support local farmers and businesses. When you enjoy lunch or dinner with us in Pearl City you are helping support our local economy. Mahalo for your support.

What are your favorite items on our menu? Share in the comments below.

Rokaru Shabu Shabu is located in the Pearl City Gateway Shopping Center in Pearl City Hawaii. Our restaurant is located next to David's Bridal. We specialize in Japanese food, Shabu Shabu and local comfort food.

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