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Three Reasons Why Rokaru Shabu Shabu Likes to Keep it Local

Rokaru Shabu Shabu Hawaii Hot Pot
Rokaru Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Set

Did you know Rokaru actually translates to “local” in Japanese?

When business owners Mark Ishii and Reid Watanabe were brainstorming their shabu shabu restaurant, they knew they wanted to support local farmers and businesses.

Here’s three reasons why Rokaru Shabu Shabu Likes to Keep it Local.

1. It Helps the Local Economy


By purchasing meats and vegetables from other local businesses and farmers, Rokaru recycles a much larger share of its revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole island of Oahu.

An independent economic think tank based in London, compared what happens when people buy produce at a supermarket vs. a local farmer's market and found that twice the money stayed in the community when folks bought locally. That means when you purchase from a local business, it is twice as efficient in terms of keeping the local economy alive.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” explained Mark Ishii. “We wanted to use our local business to help other local businesses.” The economy is also boosted by the roughly 20 jobs Rokaru Shabu Shabu has created.

2. Fresh Meat and Vegetables

Makaweli sausage Rokaru shabu shabu
Fresh Meats

We all like our vegetables to be fresh. But buying local foods also has numerous health benefits. Serving produce from Kahumanua Organic Farms in Waianae and Makaweli Ranch on Kauai gives our customers access to chemical free produce and grass-fed meats. Being located on the most isolated piece of land in the world means produce and meats from the mainland aren’t nearly as fresh and delicious as what we can purchase from our local farmers here in Hawaii.

3. It Celebrates Entrepenuers and Builds Community

Rokaru Shabu Shabu Pearl City Mark Ishii Reid Watanabe
Rokaru Shabu Shabu Ohana

We are thankful we have our own business and like to celebrate and support other entrepreneurs. Independent business brings originality and variety to the world. We love getting to know the local farmers and having relationships with them. We know where our food really comes from and take pride in knowing we are giving our guests the very best.

Rokaru Shabu Shabu is proud to support these local businesses: Kulana Farm, Kahumana Farms, Two Ladies Pig Farm, Aloun Farms, Makaweli Ranch and more. 

When you eat at our restaurant in Pearl City, you’re not only enjoying a delicious meal –  you’re also supporting the local community!

Come enjoy some delicious Hot Pot. We open daily at 10:30 a.m. and are open until 10 p.m. Sunday- Thursday and 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Rokaru Shabu Shabu is located in the Pearl City Gateway Shopping Center next to David's Bridal in Oahu, Hawaii.

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