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5 Great Reasons to Dine at a Local Restaurant

Locals in Pearl City, HI, who crave delicious Japanese food know that the go-to spot for an authentic meal is Rokaru Shabu Shabu. What is it about this area institution that keeps diners coming back for more? In a word: local. The connection to the community is key to a dining experience that sets the restaurant apart from others.

5 Reasons to Choose a Local Restaurant

1. Support Local Farmers

Supporting the local farming community is a key reason why so many opt to dine at local restaurants. The dining establishment sources their ingredients from a local farm, which helps the farm maintain its integrity, creates jobs there, and encourages a continuous supply cycle. Rokaru Shabu Shabu sources grass-fed beef from a variety of area suppliers, including Aloun Farms, Makaweli Ranch, Two Ladies Pig Farm, Kulana Farm, and Kahumana Farms.

2. Boost the Economy

Every dollar spent at a local restaurant stays within the local economy. The money goes to everything from supplies to ingredients and production, all of which contribute to creating more jobs in the area.

3. Enjoy Fresher Food

Local restaurants don’t source their ingredients from far-flung destinations. Everything comes from the area, which means it doesn’t have to travel nearly as far to eventually reach your plate. It’s the popular farm to table concept that many enjoy today, and it means that your meals are fresher, more nutritious, and less likely to spoil.

4. Celebrate the Community

There’s a feeling of connection that develops when you’re closely bonded with the community, producing job opportunities and providing sustenance. Rokaru Shabu Shabu’s owners focus on creating unique Japanese food options that speak to what locals truly expect from healthy cuisines. A thriving relationship with the community is always something to celebrate.

5. Help the Environment

Local restaurants are also beneficial to the environment at large. There’s less fuel waste because distribution is local. There’s also a shorter supply chain when farms provide ingredients to local eateries, which means less chance that perfectly good food gets wasted. Even the land benefits—restaurants rely on farmers to produce, which helps boost local agriculture.

Offering a menu packed with mouth-watering Japanese food, Rokaru Shabu Shabu gives new meaning to the concept of local dining. Residents in Pearl City who crave some fresh shabu shabu or hot pot know they’ll find receive an exceptional meal here.

We look forward to serving you our amazing hot pots, Japanese food and Shabu Shabu, ranked among the best in Pearl City, Honolulu, Oahu.

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