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A Quick Guide to Preparing Shabu Shabu at Home

Shabu shabu is the ultimate in hot pot dining and one of Japan's most popular culinary traditions. Fans of shabu shabu love the interactive nature of the meal, cooked one bite at a time and dipped in a range of delicious sauces and sides. Fortunately, because it doesn't require much equipment or years of training, almost anyone can try preparing shabu shabu at home.

Gathering the Equipment

Only two pieces of equipment are crucial for preparing shabu shabu at home. First, you'll need an induction stove, which you can usually get for $50 to $200. If you're not sure about investing in new cooking equipment yet, you can try preparing the meal with a camp or Sterno™ stove. Second, you'll need a wide pan shallow enough so you won't burn your fingers when dipping in your chopsticks. You can get pans designed for shabu shabu online or from your local Asian market.

Preparing the Ingredients

With shabu shabu, there are really no rules about what to include. Simply gather your vegetables, like green onions, napa cabbage, corn, carrots, and mushrooms, and chop them into bite-size pieces. Traditionally, shabu shabu includes pork or well-marbled beef, but you can use any type of meat you like as long as it's sliced wafer-thin.

Customizing the Flavors

In shabu shabu, the sauces are the heart of the meal. Most traditional arrangements feature ponzu, a type of soy sauce with a citric character, or goma-dare, but feel free to experiment with different flavors suited to your taste.

Serving the Meal

Shabu shabu is cooked tableside and generally eaten directly from the pot. Start with a simple broth of water with some kombu seaweed, and bring it to a boil. Then, reduce the heat and add in the harder vegetables first, since they take longer to cook. Swish the meat through the broth until it's lightly cooked, taking care to only heat up enough for a couple of bites at a time. Enjoy with the sauces of your choice, a little bowl of white rice, and whatever condiments you prefer.

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