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Corned Beef Shabu Shabu Style

The month of March is a popular time to enjoy some good ol’ corned beef brisket and cabbage. The American-Irish tradition is the favorite dish to grind for St. Patrick’s Day.

But how do you get corned beef? It actually starts out as a beef brisket that is brined for up to ten days and then slow cooked for two to three days. The brine is mostly salt-based with ingredients like brown sugar, garlic, bay leaves, allspice and peppercorns to out the flavor.

If you haven’t savored corned beef brisket shabu shabu style you are definitely missing out! Cooking corned beef brisket in a hot pot is Rokaru Shabu Shabu Manager Scott Hirashima’s favorite set.

Corned Beef Brisket in a hot pot Rokaru
Corned Beef Brisket Shabu Shabu

Scott shares his tips on how to enjoy corned beef brisket in a hot pot:

1. Start with Rokaru Shabu Shabu’s homemade Lemon Herb Broth.

2. Bring the broth to a boil then add in: Garlic chips, Long rice, Bok choy, Enoki mushrooms, Mochi and Ali’i mushrooms.

3. Let the Vegetables simmer for a few minutes.

4. Add the corned beef brisket into the hot pot.

5. Add the Tofu.

6.Let the hot pot simmer for a minute.

7. Dig in and enjoy!

The corned beef brisket is available now at Rokaru Shabu Shabu as a basic set starting at $18.95. The basic set includes corned beef brisket, a standard broth and a vegetable platter.

If you would like to try the corned beef brisket Scott’s way, there will be additional charges for the garlic chips, bok choy, long rice and ali’i mushrooms.

You can also order the corned beef brisket in Rokaru Shabu Shabu’s All You Can Eat specials starting at $25.95 at lunch and $29.95 at dinner.

View Rokaru Shabu Shabu’s full menu here.

Rokaru Shabu Shabu is a Japanese restaurant serving up hot pot selections made from ingredients sourced from local farmers and businesses. The shabu shabu restaurant also serves salads and local comfort food. You can visit Rokaru Shabu Shabu at the Pearl City Gateway Shopping Center,1140 Kuala St., located next to David’s Bridal.

The Oahu restaurant offers take out and resevations for parties of 4 or more. You can also get your shabu shabu delivered to you via Grub Hub or Bite Squad.

Give them a call today at (808) 455-3000.

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